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Ayurvedic Bath Towel - Sun White

Ayurvedic Bath Towel - Sun White

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Water Saved using GIBIE's Ayurveda inspired dyeing method

Bathing is a very sacred act in Indian tradition. It sets your mood for the day.

This GIBIE towel embodies a 5000-years-old environment and skin-friendly ancient ayurvedic dyeing on a supremely soft fabric.

But, we went above and beyond to make GIBIE the #BestTowelEver:

  • The towel never loses softness like other towels (even after 50 washes)
  • It retains high absorbancy & quick-drying properties for the longest period
  • Unlike normal towels, GIBIE towels are resistant to odour & bacterial growth
Natural colours like sun white are made from very minimal processing and an all-natural bleaching process. These colours are an absolute treat for every nature lover. 


  • 1 Bath Towel (70 cm x 140 cm)
  • 500 - 550 GSM
  • Made with bamboo fibre

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